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Yanka Bryl
Notes And Essays

The new book written by Yanka Bryl is a peculiar continuation of the lyrical confession of the author about the world and himself, about near and far people, about his genealogical tree. The acknowledged master of prose shares with the readers the wealth of his soul, he opens widely the door of the treasures of his life, and he follows his life with permanent wisdom and goodness.

Literary edition.

In the Belarusian language.
Format 84x90 1/32.
104 pages.


Andshej Zechanovezki

Michail Kasimir Oginskij (1730-1800) was hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, a famous Maecenas, composer, painter, poet. His estates Slonim and Zelechany he turned into estates of muses which were well-known in the whole Europe, but in Belarus they were forgotten. This luck is filled with the book written by Andshej Zechanovezki who is a heir of the Belarusian princely families from Mszislavl and Zaslavl and a Maecenas who lives in London now. The book is based on rich archival materials, it was firstly published in German (Cologne, 1967).

From German translated by V. Sokolovskij.

Popular scientific edition.

In Belarusian.
Format 84x108 1/32. 272 pages, 16 pages are illustrated. ISBN 985-6628-69-5.

Victor Karamasov

The story-essay written by Victor Karamasov tells us about painter Anton Barkhatkov the gifted landscape painter who diligently looked in his own creative work for the solution of the greatest creation of God Human and Light, while he as painter generously and sunny affirmed their beauty and harmony.

The book is directed to all people being not indifferent to art.

In Belarusian.

Format 70x90 1/16.
68 pages + 38 pages with illustrations.
ISBN 985-6628-77-6.


Matvey Ivanov

The events which are described in the book took place in 2004. Up to a certain time Matvey Ivanov had a saturated and quasi full-fledged life. The oncological disease arose suddenly. They found by Matvey a brain-growth

The dangerous diseases often force people to stand apart from this world through despair and confusion. On the other hand such diseases are an actual occasion to re-understand the life and to apprehend thus which was in the past and is now through an other spiritual look and to thank God for the lesson which He have given!

In Russian.
208 pages.
ISBN 985-6628-71-7.


Nil Gilevich
Short story about a childhood

Pictures - Marina Moros.

Clever Girl is a story about the childhood of a country girl from the generation of the thirties of the past century, about usual and unusual, dramatic episodes from her life, about manifestations of such human soul qualities (kindness, purity, sincerity) which usually dont promise an easy future.

By the example of a childs life are also shown some characteristic features of that time.

The book is intended for children and adults.

In the Belarusian language.
Format 84x108 1/32 (130x200 mm).
124 pages.
ISBN 985-6628-70-9.


Irina Zharnasiek

The novel Thy will be done exposes to the readers of the 21st century one of the tragic pages of our Motherlands history of the former century the tragedy in Rositsy. Boundless love and cruel hatred, the sin of fratricide and readiness to sacrifice oneself for the sake of neighbours, thoughtless godlessness and great faith in God the readers will find all this in the novel written by Irina Zharnasek. Its heroes are both historical persons blessed Fathers Marians Anthony Lashchevich and Jury Kashyra and those people who lived or could have lived beside them and who took part in those horrible and at the same time beautiful in its self-giving love and nobility events.

In the Belarusian language.


Nina Matiash
Library of the magazine Our Faith

The poems of Nina Matiash, Belarusian translator and poet laureate of Literary Premium of A. Kulashov. All the poems of the book are united by one theme spirituality.

Some of the poems of the book have already been published in the magazine Our Faith.

In Belarusian.


Nil Gilevich
Lyrical miniatures the genre of tanka

On the flute of solitude is a book of lyrical miniatures of the genre of tanka, Japan classical verse. The book consists of two parts. The first one Light still coming is lyrical reflection on the Motherland, her destiny, on the temporal and the eternal, on trials of soul and heart on mans way of life. The second part is dedicated to the memory of a woman who passed away. It expresses unalleviated pain and inconsolable grief as well as boundless gratitude to her and to destiny, which united two separate life ways.

In the Belarusian language.
Format 70x100 1/32 (120x190 mm).


Andrea Sofie Jannusch

Lok is the first story, written by Andrea Sofie Jannusch, famous German journalist. It touches by its sincerity, directness, lambent humor and can tell a lot to an attentive reader about sorrow and joy of our mundane being.

Translated from German by V. Siomuha

In the Belarusian language.
Format 210x180 mm.
No. of pages - 68.
ISBN 985-6628-57-1.


Danuta Bichel

The icon of the Mother of God of Budslav is the most modest in its beauty. Its contemplation with love forms the basis of deep prayer.

The feeling for the Mother of God of Ostraya Brama is the one on the level of historical tradition, panhuman unity and a fairy-tale. Our grandparents used to come to Ostraya Brama with deep faith that the Mother of God would solve all the problems once and forever.

It is for the Mother of God of Mercy (in Belahrudak) that the author has many intimate feelings and hopes that crowds of believers will come there ever in future to receive the consolation of souls.

In Belarusian.
Format - 70x100 1/32 (177x165 mm)
No. of pages - 48.
ISBN 985-6628-66-0.




The majority of poems were published in the magazine Ave Maria in the column For competition of the Mother of God of Budslav. In these deep verses our readers pray sincerely the Queen of Belarus, offering to Her not only the words of praise and thanks, but also begging for Her intercession for themselves, their families and their native land. The book is dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Budslav.

In Belarusian
Format - 70x100 1/32 (177x165 mm)
No. of pages - 44.
ISBN 985-6628-67-9.


Maria Vajtsiashonak

Maria Vajtsiashonak is well-known of her original prose. The topic of her works is people's spiritual universe. "It may be counted upon, when we are sure of nothing, but are interested in everything" is the epigraph taken by the author from Vislava Shymborskaya's poem "Something about soul". The epigraph suits both for Maria Vajtsiashonak's writing and for her life in general.

Literary-art edition.

In the Belarusian language.
Format - 84x108 1/32 (130x200 mm)
No. of pages - 226.
ISBN 985-6628-44-X

Irina Zharnasiek

From the book Angels Quarrel children will get to know that angels differ from each other: they can be good and evil. Thats why they are constantly warring. Very often people also take part in the great angels quarrel, as it was with Michaska, hero of the tale. Michaskas adventures will help the readers to win in such quarrels.

In the Belarusian language.
Format 84x108 1/32 (130x200 mm).
No. of pages - 80
ISBN 985-6628-42-3.

Janka Bryl

Blue Candle is a lyrical confession of the master of prose about himself and the world, about the closest people, about exalted and tragic flashes of being, about everything that helps to live truthfully, believe and hope for the Human in the Man.

In the Belarusian language.
Format 70x100 1/32 (120x190 mm).
No. of pages - 92.
ISBN 985-6628-39-3.

Ala Siamionava

Mystery of faith, unutterable reality is what we are longing to penetrate in all modes of our existence: during the Holy Mass, in prayer meditation, in various perception of reality, in uttered or written word. The book suggests doing the same through thinking over Belarusian translation of the Holy Father's poetry, religious verses and stories of Belarusian authors, lyrical philosophical essays and narratives. The author of the book tries to perceive themes: life and death, sufferings and salvation, guilt and penitence

In the Belarusian language.
Format 70x100 1/32 (120x190 mm).
No. of pages - 104.
ISBN 985-6628-40-7.

Marian Duksa

This book is a certain calendar of Catholic feasts in poems and drawings. There are poems not only about the major feasts of the Liturgical Year, the Mother of God, saints, but also about some religious events dear to every believer such as the First Communion. The book Catholic Feasts in Poems and Drawings is not only a wonderful present for children, it is also can be used during lessons in religion or childrens holidays.

In the Belarusian language.
Format 70x100 1/32 (120x190 mm).
No. of pages - 68
ISBN 985-6628-35-0.

K. Wojtyla / John Paul II

The poetry of the Holy Father John Paul II is a certain poetic catechism, where the author tells with inspiration about the Creator and the man, inscribed in Gods plan of Salvation. Karol Wojtylas poems appeared at the beginning of his priestly life. The Roman Triptych was written in 2002 by the Pope John Paul II. Theologians rich experience and a particular imagery of a man who is fond of true art and the beauty of the world are happily joined in this work.

Books awarded with diplomas of XLIV Republican Competition Art of Book.
The publishing house Pro Christo was given
Third Degree Diploma
and Special Diploma for this book.

In the Belarusian language.
Format 84x90 1/32 (107x195 mm)
No. of pages - 148.
ISBN 985-6628-13-


Marian Duksa
Library of the magazine Our Faith

The book of poetry by Marian Duksa is penetrated with the atmosphere of the post-communist times, which brought a priceless gift to the people deliverance of a soul. In the conditions of instability of the society the author attempts to define moral orienting points and finds them in the Christian faith, in its eternal spiritual values, he turns his thoughts to immortal ideals of good, love and mercy.
The book reflects human experience of comprehension of God, traces tortuous way to Him. The author by his verses continually states that God is not only life-giving spring of the truth, wisdom and ethics, but also current philosophical problem, which concerns every single person.

In Belarusian
Format 70x100 1/32 (120x190 mm)
No. of pages - 98
ISBN 985-6628-20-2


Full text of the book

Lene Mayer-Skumanz

In this book by famous Austrian penwoman Lene Mayer-Skumanz, whose books have been already translated in Belarusian, our little readers will find short breathtaking stories of boy Tino, who likes to play pranks and strange reflections. With Tino and his friends we can learn to live and love, because they notice the most important in everything: in a Christmas play, in the work in a garden, in a ride in a bus and in telephone call to God...

In the Belarusian language.
Format 84x108 1/32 (130x200 mm)
No. of pages 128.
ISBN 985-6628-20-2


Full text of the book

Danuta Bichel
Library of the magazine Our Faith

This is the book of spiritual verses about happiness of unity with Gods truth, which is carried by His envoys along the roads of the world, about the happiness which you feel while visiting holy places and places of apparitions of Mother of God, about happiness while joining the Christian community of great Saints in the very beginning of Belarusian prayer.

Literary-art edition

In the Belarusian language.
Format 70x100 1/32 (120x190 mm)
No. of pages 76.
ISBN 985-6628-19-9


Full text of the book

Irina Zharnasiek
GADARA. Stories
Library of the magazine Our Faith

New book of prose by Irina Zharnasiek contains different stories divided in two cycles. The first of them "Night after Golgotha" is fruit of meditations of the author on selected pages of the Gospel which is always up-to-date and on the front burner. The second cycle "When the Bells Keep Silence" is reflection and contemplation of the author on our contemporaneity. The characters of these stories, as from the previous cycle, should make choice between good and evil, honour and villainy, fidelity and betrayal. Dynamic plot of the stories makes them interesting and memorable.

Literary-art edition

In the Belarusian language.
Format 70x100 1/32 (120x190 mm)
No. of pages - 152.
ISBN 985-6628-18-0


Full text of the book

M. Staraviejski, I. Silone
Don Luigi Orione

This book includes some stories about father Orione, a founder of the Congregation of Orionists, who was declared the Blessed by Pope John Paul II in 1980. In this book you will meet a modest, amazing priest, whose motto was: "Always to do good to all, never to do harm to anybody". Also you will find some information concerning the history of the Congregation and activity of the Orionists in Poland.

With the permission of Church authorities.

In the Russian language.
Format 60x84 1/32 (100x140 mm)
No. of pages - 80.


Full text of the book

Antonio A. Borelli

This book is dedicated to the peregrination of the statue of Mother of God of Fatima which took place in the dioceses in Belarus in 1997-1998. In this edition there is history of apparitions of Mother of God to the children in Fatima, place in Portugal, which took place from May to October, 1917.

With the permission of Church authorities

In the Belarusian language
Format 84x108 1/32 (130x200 mm)
No. of pages - 64


Full text of the book


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