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Art Plein Air Budslau - 2004

Art plein air Budslau 2004 was taking place in Budslau in May and June. It was organized by the sanctuary of the Mother of God of Budslau, publishing house Pro Christo and initiative group of Belarusian artists Pleneria.

Budslau 2004 is not only the name of the plein air, but also a certain historical response. In 1504 the story of Budslau began. During 500 years of its existence Budslau lived through both heydays and downfalls during tsarist and soviet repressions. But nowadays renaissance of faith is taking place and, as a result, the renaissance of the cult of the Mother of God of Budslau began.

The aim of the plein air is first of all popularization and preservation of cultural and religious values, which are common for believers of various confessions. The plein air is a certain narration with the help of art means about one of such halidoms the icon of the Mother of God of Budslau and Budslau itself. With this cultural event the initiative group Pleneria began the series of plein airs, dedicated to Belarusian halidoms.

Ten Belarusian artists took part in this action: Jury Alisevich, Piotr Bagdanau, Igar Gardzijonak, Volga Gardzijonak-Kireeva, Liliana Gudava, Iryna Kavalenka, Mikalaj Kireev, Tatyana Siplevich, Lada Shchasnaya, Siargej Shemet.

During the work of the plein air there were organized 5 visits of the initiative group to Budslau where the artists acquainted themselves with the sanctuary, entered the spirit of this sacred place and made sketches. More than 20 interesting and various works were created by the artists. Their works differ not only in techniques, manner and touch, but also in creators view of the world. It is only one thing that remains the same - love and respect for the native land, its history and culture.

Vernissage that will take place on July 1-2 during the solemnity of the Mother of God of Budslau will became the main result of the plein air. Later during the whole year the collection of works will be exposed in different halls and galleries of Belarus.

The publishing house Pro Christo brought out catalogue and plans to create a web site.




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